Now That's a Mount!

Part of the fun for Scott Olmsted and other SCI Show attendees is the chance to take in some amazing taxidermy sights.

One of the best things about the SCI Show is the chance it provides to gawk at all the fabulous taxidermy. Regardless whether I can afford to entertain the idea of hunting some of these critters, I can at least appreciate the beauty of it all. There are mounts of just about everything any hunter has ever heard of, including full-body mounts of bull elephants and absolutely fabulous shoulder mounts of bull elephants — like this one. Can you imagine the space in a house to entertain this mount? Can you imagine the house it takes to carve out such a space? Can you imagine the cost of this mount? Can you imagine the cost of a hunt to bag this fella? Me neither. Thus, like the majority of America, I come, I gawk, I dream...

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