Federal Premium 10 mm Hunting Ammo

Federal Premium is giving handgun hunters a new option with the introduction of its 180-grain 10 mm load.

Once it was thought that the 10 mm might replace the .45 ACP as the preeminent big-bore personal-defense round, but for reasons of stout recoil, gun availability/cost and the staying power of the M1911, that didn’t happen. The big 10 is still with us, of course, but it never really has carved out more than a cult following. That cult is bound to get a little bigger now as a result of a new load from Federal Premium featuring their 180 gr. Trophy Bonded Jacketed Soft-Point bullet. This loading settles old questions about semi-auto handgun suitability for hunting deer-sized game, or perhaps more importantly, for use as a backup protection for hunters and others who might find themselves in close encounters with bears, wild hogs or mountain lions.

Harnessing all the 10 mm’s power potential, the load produces a muzzle velocity of 1275 fps and delivers ample downrange energy for ethical kills on deer and hogs, and enough at attack ranges to give shooters at least a fighting chance with dangerous beasts.

Learn more about the new load with the video embedded below.

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7 Responses to Federal Premium 10 mm Hunting Ammo

Brett harsanye wrote:
July 21, 2014

Long live the real 10mm cartridge!

Tim Ferrall wrote:
January 20, 2014

The Big 10 is a great cartridge. Extended barrels for the Glock make it even better. The last time I checked on the Colt Delta Elite, it was listed as on 'allocation.' Allocation starts with an 'A', just like Afghanistan! Good enough for Spec Ops is good enough for me!

faultroy wrote:
January 17, 2014

That sounds great, but what I would like to know is what is the actual velocities coming out of a 10mm gun with a 4.4 barrel like the Glock model 20 and whether you can use it for hunting purposes. Based on what I've seen with other calibers, you certainly are not getting full velocities out of Glocks--or are you? I don't know of too many guns out there that can take advantage of these max 10mm velocities. Of course there are a number for 41 mags.

The Shadow wrote:
January 14, 2014

The ballistics of the 10mm makes it what it is! Long live the Perfect cartridge...10mm from mild to wild its a great cartridge for personal defense, hunting and it can pack more energy @ 100yards than a 45ACP at the muzzle! Been loading/shooting for it since 1990, what a great cartridge, FBI screwed up when they down loaded it to Short and Weak, Slow and Watered Down!

Shafer wrote:
January 14, 2014

I carry the 29 everyday best weapon and the best round thus far

chris morgan wrote:
January 14, 2014

Just picked up my Glock 20 in 10mm, I look forward to doing some shooting this weekend! Always wanted to see what the 10mm in semi automatic was about!

Rick Rancati wrote:
January 14, 2014