D.T. Systems Releases Hands-Free E-Collar Transmitter

Every year e-collar manufacturers release new products with better range, enhanced reliability, more levels of stimulation and all sorts of camo options. (Sidenote: Would a duck really flare because your yellow Lab’s collar wasn’t dipped in Mossy Oak?).

However, while the market’s increasingly versatile e-collars can only enhance their use, no recent innovations have made me say, “Wow, that will really make training easier.” Then an email hit my inbox announcing D.T. Systems new Rapid Access Pro Trainer (R.A.P.T.)—an e-collar featuring a hands-free transmitter.

Whereas most transmitters are rather awkwardly placed in a pocket or around the trainer’s neck, the R.A.P.T. straps to the trainer’s hand. You can cast the dog left or right, accept retrieves, give him a line—whatever you need to do with your hands—and all the while a correction is literally at your fingertips. Given the need to provide instant correction for the dog to understand why it received it, I think this is a terrific, “why didn’t I think of that?” setup.

What’s your favorite e-collar design? Do you think you’ll give D.T.’s new transmitter setup a try?

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