A Serious Threat to Gundog Ownership

The HSUS is advancing bills in several states that pose an unprecedented threat to gundog ownership.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and its allies are pushing legislation in most U.S. states that would effectively ban hunting dog kennels, gundog training and field-trial competition. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance has a good summary of one such bill introduced in Pennsylvania.

Among other draconian provisions, many of the bills being pushed would mandate spaying/neutering; require kennel owners to pay exorbitant fees; restrict the number of dogs allowed at a single address; require mandatory exercise (but in at least one bill the dogs are not allowed to become muddy or wet!); issue kennel requirements, such as temperature regulation, that would be impossible to follow and require approval by a veterinarian; and prohibitions on tail docking and dew-claw removal, even though such practices are highly beneficial to working dogs. A scary provision being pushed in some states would forbid any out-of-state dog with a docked tail to cross their state boundaries. That would end all field trials within those states and essentially prohibit bird hunting for non-residents.

HSUS claims these bills are aimed at puppy mills, but HSUS is, of course, a radical animal rights group opposed to all pet ownership. These bills have nothing to do with puppy mills. Rather, they're an attempt to place a huge burden on gundog owners and to put legitimate kennels out of business.

"The HSUS says it's trying to ensure the humane treatment for dogs at large, for-profit kennels, however, this legislation would clearly be disastrous for run-of-the-mill gundog owners," said NRA-ILA director of hunting policy Darren LaSorte, "The end game for HSUS is to make dogs--especially hunting dogs--as expensive and difficult to obtain as possible."

NRA is working hard on behalf of bird dog owners to ensure the defeat of these onerous bills. To track this and other issues within your state, be sure to visit www.nraila.org/Legislation/State/

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2 Responses to A Serious Threat to Gundog Ownership

Roger Q wrote:
June 13, 2009

Kyle once threw a football a quarter mile back in '82. Now he's heating up the blog circuit. Hopefully they're paying him well for this stuff.

P. Bundy wrote:
June 12, 2009

As the President of the Kyle Wintersteen Fan Club, I must demand more blog entries. We (myself, Kelly and Bud) have been following Kyle's career since he threw a javelin some 30 yards at age 11. Please post more Kyle-authored blogs more frequently or we will suffer massive withdrawal. --P. Bundy, Mrs.