Study: Dogs Take Hand Signals Better Than Chimps

Two studies have confirmed the amazing ability of dogs to read human hand gestures.

Two studies indicate that dogs interpret human pointing gestures (like hand signals) to the same degree as two-year-old babies and even better than non-human primates. Hmm, just when I was about to switch from Chessies to chimps.

From the Discovery News:

Chimpanzees share many of our genes, but dogs have lived with us for so long and undergone so much domestication that they are now serving as a model for understanding human social behavior, according to a new paper.

Cooperation, attachment to people, understanding human verbal and non-verbal communications, and the ability to imitate are just a handful of the social behaviors we share with dogs. They might even think like us at times too, according to the paper, which has been accepted for publication in the journal Advances in the Study of Behavior.

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