Hunters To Quell Florida's Feral Snake Rebellion

Desire a trophy snakeskin for your wall? Head to Florida to bag a python.

Headline: FWC Issuing Python Licenses to Hunters on South Florida WMAs

Summary: Burmese pythons that have been illegally released into Florida swamps by pet owners are flourishing and becoming a nuisance to native animal species. State game managers are urging licensed hunters to quell the feral snake rebellion.

Accuracy: This story was taken from a press release issued by the Florida Fish and Conservation Commission. Click here for complete hunt details.

What It Means For Hunters: Have a phobia of snakes? Always wanted a Booner snake skull mounted o’er the hearth? Perhaps your en-vogue wife demands a shiny new python skin pistol purse. Just get a license, knee-high boot it on down to certain WMAs in Florida’s southern swamps and keep a sharp eye out for someone’s slithering former friend. Don't bother bringing your best birddog lest you want him ‘et, and definitely leave the Crocodile Hunter's "catch-‘em-by-the-tail-and-tell-‘em-how-lovely-they-are-techique at home; FWC clearly states that there shall be no taking of python prisoners.

Recommended Arms: Wield a Woodman’s Pal to deliver the deathblow, and alas, pack good sidearm like a Taurus Judge or, appropriately, a Colt Python for personal protection against toothy reptilians and other swamp goblins.

Alternate Headline: Grab Your Hoe, Honey, We’re Goin' Snake Clubbin!

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Jen wrote:
August 28, 2009