Experts Reveal Your Dog's Deepest Thoughts

It doesn't take a team of scientists to uncover what nasty thoughts your gundog is thinking—just ask a duck hunter.

HeadlineThe Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind

Summary: In an excellent article, Author Carl Zimmer interviews Duke University evolutionary anthropologists to uncover how and what dogs think. First, he warns that dogs may not be thinking what their owners suspect— i.e., when your dog licks your mouth, it's unlikely that he's giving you a welcome-home kiss, but rather trying to get a taste of the taco you had for lunch. Zimmer was also surprised to learn that dogs have special cognitive abilities, such as being able to understand what a pointed finger means.

Jeff’s Non-Scientific Take:  Instead of conducting droves of experiments and tallying volumes of data, researchers could’ve simply asked duck hunters who routinely point out distant objects for their retrievers to fetch. Just ask dog-man Kyle Wintersteen

Top 10 Secret Thoughts of All Gundogs:
1. It’s not that I like your buddy more, but he is a better shot.
2. Your buddy’s dog—yea, you know the one—is an ill-mannered, hyperactive, horny, half-bred imbecile and I’m going to bite him.
3. My feet don’t get cold—ever—so please rein in your wife's silly idea of Christmas socks for the whole family.
4. I sure wish you would spare me some of that prime rib sandwich every once in a while. 
5. May I suggest a slightly bigger backyard sir?

Alternate Headline:
Do You Really Want to Know Your Dog’s Secrets?

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