Wyoming Antelope Hunt, Day 1

As soon as we touch ground in Wyoming it'll be officially the farthest west this hunter's ever been.

Day 1, 8:00 a.m.
I'm sitting in the terminal at Dulles International Airport decked out in a camo shirt and Realtree hat. If you haven't guessed, I'm the only one who coordinated patterns this morning (Advantage Timber and Hardwoods to be exact).

I've gotten some weird looks and awkward glances from the suit and tie stooges as they shuffle by, and I'm hoping to sneak up on a few fellow passengers.

I'm headed to Billings, Mont., to meet champion elk caller and guide Chad Schearer and eventually renowned outdoor writer Bob Robb. We'll drive about an hour to Buffalo, Wyo., where we'll set up camp for our five-day antelope hunt.

As soon as we touch ground in Billings it'll be officially the farthest west this hunter's ever been. Growing up trekking across western Maryland's mountains for whitetails seems like it will pale in comparison to what I know will be an adventure. So, I'll head out this week with hopes to take my first antelope, fight the snow and learn from a pair of the most respected names in the outdoor world. Follow along, let me know what you think and ask some questions. I'll do my best to get your mind off work and out in the field with this western hunting rookie.

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