Women Hunters Rock!

As more women take to the woods, they are finding hunting to be the ultimate source of independence.

Headline: More Women Hunt, Seeking Food And Togetherness

Summary: In a rare pro-hunting article, NPR reports that the number of women and girl hunters is rising.

Classic Quote: "When I go hunting, I'm not looking for the perfect rack on a deer. I'm looking for meat."

Jeff’s Take: What activity could be more empowering for women (or anyone for that matter) than hunting? Having the tools and skills to feed and defend one’s self and family is the ultimate expression of independence. And these days, hunting isn’t only for grandpa, dad and sonny-boy. Sister, you’re a welcomed addition to deer camp, just as long as you pull your own weight (which admittedly may be a bit of a double standard, considering uncle Earl weighs 300 pounds, never does anything useful in camp and smells something awful).

Resources for Women Hunters: NRA’s Women on Target program offers hunting trips for beginning female hunters and seasoned veterans. Also, check out Woman’s Outdoor News to get connected with other like-minded, backstrap-procuring females. And, as always, I recommend American Hunter for tips that anyone can use to make a buck hit the turf quickly this fall.

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Alternate Headline: Women Hunters on the Rise, Food (and Uncle Earl) Getting Nervous

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1 Response to Women Hunters Rock!

Andi wrote:
October 15, 2009

It's nice to see some manufacturers who are actually offering gear tailored to female hunters. For too long their philosophy was simply to take men's gear and "shrink it and pink it."