Is There Anti-gun Bias In Your Workplace?

As one unfortunate worker gets fired for perusing gun websites, others get fired up for hunting season.

Headline: Man Fired For Looking At Gun Web Sites

Summary: CBS news reports that a Pennsylvania man, Tony Jackson—a skeet shooter and firearm instructor—was fired for viewing gun manufacturer websites at his Planco insurance company after an anti-gun employee spotted him ogling Mossberg gun parts online.

The Antiquote: [Christie Vazquez] promptly reported her colleague's Web browsing to Planco's human resources department. Vazquez also informed the HR department that Jackson owned guns and was a member of the National Rifle Association [gasp!]. (From CBS reporter Declan McCullagh.) (Sarcastic gasp emphasis from me.)

Jeff’s Take: Mr. Jackson, you sound like a real attractive hire! Have you checked out NRA’s list of job openings? I don’t blame you for sneaking a peak at new gun and hunting products. In fact, nothing gets me fired up for the hunting season, indeed the workday, like perusing a few gun and hunting websites in my spare time … or any old time. But I can justify my web-viewing habits because I have this blog. Yes, I know that only you and three other people read it, but it keeps me from getting fired from my day job which is researching and talking and writing about guns and hunting. Yes sir, my co-workers are quite pleased when I forward website links like this, the NRA employee’s version of the Endless Summer surfing videos that soothe the shooter’s soul. But now I’m daydreaming again … . Is that my boss barking at me? Or is it someone barking fire down on the NRA Range  below? I wonder what’s going on in the National Firearms Museum on the first floor? Before you apply for a job here, Mr. Jackson, know that all the gun talk can be very distracting. … Which might explain why Wintersteen is down to one blog per week.

Recommended Sites: ; ;;;; and, you've got to check out this one:

Alternate Headline: Men Get Fired Up For Hunting Season By Looking At Gun Websites

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