NFL Players Relieve Stress Through Hunting

An ESPN reporter interviews three Atlanta Falcons who go hunting in their time away from the field.

Headline: Falcons Players Get Away from Stresses of NFL Through Hunting

Summary: ESPN Outdoors' staff writer Melanie Jarrett interviews three Atlanta Falcons players—Jerious Norwood, Chris Redman and Todd McClure—who go hunting in their time away from the field. All three players were raised in the rural south, hunting and fishing.

Jeff's Take: While guns and athletes often grab headlines (a la Plaxico Burress), positive stories like this one rarely make news. Fact is, hunting is the favorite hobby of many a pro-sporting man. Some big names include Brett Favre, Jared Allen, Josh Beckett and hundreds more. Perhaps the best athlete of all time—Bo Jackson—is a bigtime hunter. Can anyone tell me if Jim Thorpe procured his own steaks? Being an Indian from Oklahoma and then moving to hunt-crazy Pennsylvania, I bet he was.

That these human-heroes hunt in itself isn't big news, but that these guys are looked up to by millions of children who probably don't realize they hunt, is. The vast majority of these kids will not make the pros. But most of them could hunt—and therefore find relaxation in their lives no matter what they do in the future for a living—if hunting was viewed as more mainstream and they knew more about it. Well done, ESPN.

The ProQuote: "I think it's good for kids to be outside and not playing video games all day, and I think hunting's a good way to do that, especially with family and friends and just being able to share that experience." --Chris Redman

Recommended Gear: Professional athletes can afford it, so why shouldn't they spring for top-notch gear? Go with a Jarrett custom Pro-hunter rifle topped with a Zeiss Victory Diarange rangefinding scope and some Russell custom hunting boots .

Alternate Headline: Who Knew Falcons Hunt For Fun?

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