USFWS Urges More People To "Connect" With Nature

There are 317 wildlife refuges open to hunting in the U.S. Pick one near you, buy primo bullets and a license and go connect with nature.

HeadLine: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Urges Americans to Connect with Nature and Visit a National Wildlife Refuge

Summary: In a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service press release issued on Nov. 18, the Secretary of the Interior reminds readers that America has a vast network of wildlife refuges, and urges us to use them. After all, they don’t pay for themselves.

Jeff's Take: That’s right, National Wildlife Refuges don’t pay for themselves, and neither do campers, hikers, stoners, tree-huggers, cross-country runners, mountain bikers, horse-back riders, ATVers, photographers, PETA or politicians. Hunters and fishermen pay for the lion’s share via Federal Duck Stamp purchases and importation taxes on guns and ammo. So in order for our wonderful National Wildlife Refuge System to flourish, hunters must hunt and fisherman must fish, even though Salazar didn’t say it quite so clearly.

And I agree 100 percent with him on another point: hunters must not skimp on bullets, and fishermen must not go cheapskate when buying hooks. After all, hooks and bullets are the only thing that actually connect a sportsman with nature. So an expensive rifle and scope  won't do you any good if your bullet won’t do its job once it hits your game at 2,700 feet-per-second or misses altogether. It must be accurate, expand reliably, hold together and penetrate to put that animal down immediately so you can connect with it in the form of steaks for your stomach. And the animals benefit from habitat enhancement from more revenue generated by top-end gear. It’s a beautiful system, isn’t it?

There are 317 refuges open to hunting in the U.S. Pick one near you, buy some primo bullets and a license and go connect with nature.

Recommended Gear: Barnes TripleShock X bullets; Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Tipped bullets, Hornady GMX bullets; Rage Slipcam broadheads; Crimson Talon broadheads, Remington Wingmaster HD shotshells; and Hevi-Shot Duck shotshells

Alternate Headline: USFWS Urges Hunters To Do Their Thing Without Saying What "Their Thing" Actually Is to Prevent Angering The Tree-Hugger Crowd While Still Allowing the National Refuge System to Flourish.

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