Am I The Grinch Who Stole Hunting Season?

Some people blame ammo hoarders like me for ruining their hunting season. I blame no-ammo-buying slackers, and Obama.

Headline: Ammo hoarders making it difficult for hunters this season

Summary: Pioneer Press (MN) author and hunter Chris Niskanen expresses his frustrations at not being able to find the specific .30-06 ammo that he wants for deer season, and then paying too much for the box he finally found.

Jeff’s Take: Chris, you sound like a good guy—after all you are a hunter—and I am sympathetic to your lack-of-ammo frustration. But I’ve got to ask: What were you thinking? I mean, the ammo shortage has been in full swing since November 4th of last year. While it's getting better lately, you should have anticipated this crisis and prevented it by buying a couple boxes of ammo here and there when you could. And to wait until the final hour to buy ammo for the deer opener—were you even going to sight in your rifle with it? Not good, dude, not good work at all.

Don’t you know the early bird gets the premium ammo?

On the other extreme, I’ve got a buddy, actually you may know him, Adam Heggenstaller of Shooting Illustrated, who was so paranoid that he wouldn’t have enough ammo for his annual Pennsylvania bear hunt that he’s been buying up hunting ammo for the last year like Keith Richards buys cigarettes.

As I looked into his storeroom stacked to the ceiling with ammo, I said, “Adam, I know you guys don’t take a shot without emptying your 760s, but gal’darn, you think you have enough ammo here?”

“Never,” he replied.

That was last year. And I heeded his words. So, Mr. Niskanen, you are blaming me for your difficulty this year. But I say it’s more fun and more rational to blame it on Obama.

Though I hope I’m not known as a hunting inhibitor, I’m a hoarder and a darn proud one at that. And I will be hunting at first light this year, provided it doesn’t take me too long to figure out which kind to use.

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Alternate Headline: No-Ammo-Buying Slackers—and Obama—Making It Hard On Themselves This Hunting Season

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