With Help, Blind Man Hunts Deer

A New York man provides inspiration to hopeful deer hunters.

The Headline: With help, blind man hunts deer

The Summary: Will Elliott of Buffalo News reports that Don Gasiewicz of Buffalo, N.Y. routinely bags deer despite the fact that he is blind. Mr. Gasiewicz uses a partner to spot deer and to call out adjustments in his aim. When the sight picture is perfect, Gasiewicz pulls the trigger. Since he went blind in 1979, he’s used this technique to take 15 deer.

Jeff’s Take: Mr. Gasiewicz is truly amazing. I admire his dedication to hunting and his determination not to give up his passion in the face of a life-altering disability. Mr. Gasiewicz should prove to be a model of motivation for other hunters who have difficulties taking deer, such our bird-boasting buddy, Kyle Wintersteen, who acts as though he doesn’t even know what a deer looks like.

Just last week Wintersteen went hunting in deer-infested Nebraska and, even though NRA Publications’ Tom Rickwalder, aka Sergeant Klean, sat in the stand with him to spot animals for him and help him aim, Wintersteen still failed to procure venison for the pot. Meanwhile, on the same hunt, NRA Insights magazine editor Wendy Lafever dropped a fine eater doe with no problem. Perhaps Kyle was hunting with the wrong helper.

Wintersteen’s (Weak) Defense: I had two chances to take respectable does, but I failed due to circumstances beyond my control. The first deer came in while I was gazing down from my stand at a covey of quail. Before I was done imagining an orange belton proudly gesturing toward the covey, the doe had me pegged. I blew my second chance when I let out a cheer after watching a rooster pheasant narrowly escape a hawk's clutches. I didn't see the deer until it had already run off. Who, I ask, could have killed these deer given the circumstances?

Reccomended Gear:  Leupold scope; The Partner Plus 2-man ladder stand , the book, How To Hunt Deer; Hornady bulletsNikon binoculars; Mossberg shotgun

Alternate Headline: With Help, Wintersteen Still Gets No Deer

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