UPDATE: NRA Helping Expelled Wingshooter

Gary Tudesko is the latest victim of "zero tolerance" policies toward firearms. And he needs our help.

Surely you recall my post regarding California high school student Gary Tudesko, who was expelled for keeping an unloaded shotgun in his truck even though it was parked on an off-campus, public street. The story has a new wrinkle: Tudesko is appealing the ruling, and he has the assistance of your NRA!

From an NRA-ILA press release:

Tudesko is in this position because of a short-sighted bureaucratic approach to enforcing the school’s “zero tolerance” policy toward firearms, which is in many schools and often misapplied.

Time and again these policies have resulted in a triumph of irrational political correctness over common sense and justice. Given that Tudesko had gone duck hunting that same morning with friends (hence the two shotguns), had bird-shot loads as ammunition, had both firearms unloaded, had intentionally parked off-campus to avoid any issues, and had several people corroborate his story, school administrators should have acknowledged that the circumstances did not warrant expulsion.

Gary Tudesko needs your help and support. Please attend the hearing if possible, and at least contact the Board of Education on Gary’s behalf through the “one click” e-mail tools at www.calnra.com or by calling the Board of Education at (530) 934-6575, or fax your note of support to (530) 934-6111.

Information about Gary, media coverage, copies of legal submissions, and other documents are being posted at

Although the attorneys are largely working pro bono, even so there are significant costs and other fees associated with this type of defense. Donations to the CRPA Foundation / NRA LAP are appreciated. If you are able and want to help fund Gary Tudesko’s defense, as well as other LAP efforts, please visit the CRPA Foundation(http://www.crpa.org/_e/dept/06/The_CRPA_Foundation.htm) website and make a tax deductible donation today.

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1 Response to UPDATE: NRA Helping Expelled Wingshooter

Susan wrote:
January 12, 2010

The date for Gary Tudesko's Appeal Hearing has been changed to Tuesday, January 19th at 10am. This will be posted on the Glenn County Office of Education site tomorrow. ***This is is breaking information*** Please forward it to any one you know who was planning on attending the hearing on Friday, the 10th. The GCOE link is below. Thank you. http://www.glenncoe.org/__admin/Board.html