Why We Need CRP

Delta Waterfowl reminds us why we need CRP and updates us on its shaky state of affairs. This is an issue that should greatly concern anyone who cares about wildlife, especially birds and waterfowl.

A few key numbers from the feature:

-CRP reduces the annual cropland soil loss by about 450 million tons—enough to fill approximately 37.5 million dump trucks and improving our nation’s water quality immeasurably.

-CRP has restored more than 2 million acres of wetlands and adjacent buffers—wetlands that clean our water, mitigate flooding, provide habitat for wildlife and fish, and more.

-CRP has protected more than 170 thousand miles of streams—yet another public benefit.

-CRP sequesters 48 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

-CRP produces 15 million pheasants annually.

-CRP produces 2.2 million ducks per year in the Prairie Pothole Region, sending ducks to duck hunters in nearly every U.S. state.


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