Save Polar Bears With Responsible Hunting

The Summary: Anti-hunters might think National Review Online blogger Lars Larson hails from the fiery red planet with his ideas, but actually he’s just rehashing the facts when he writes that polar bears, as a whole, would be more likely to thrive under regulated hunting programs (just like they have for most of the last century) than they would under new anti-hunting policies. As of last year, Americans are banned from importing trophy bears from Canada (essentially a de-facto ban on hunting them).

This unprecedented decision that was handed down from the Department of the Interior was based not on the state of current animal populations (polar bears are not endangered as defined by the ESA) but on a “foreseeable future” prediction gleaned from a shoddy-at-best theory of global warming, that basically infers that sea ice will melt and polar bear numbers will dwindle. This is politics at its worst, and, as Mr. Larson notes, will only prove harmful to the great white bear over the long run. He lays out his argument, not according to some theory, but to current management programs of other animals—such as Botswana’s elephants—that are now thriving because money-spending hunters have made them a valuable commodity worth protecting.

Jeff’s Take: Though it seems counter-intuitive to most non-hunters and simply unacceptable to anti-hunters, regulated hunting benefits wildlife, people and the environment. Heck, after spending millions to “preserve” the panda in our zoos without much success, I offer that if China would have instituted a regulated hunting season (gasp!) years ago, the world would likely have more of these cat-footed bears to ogle and manually force to breed. Perhaps we can get our chief diplomat, Mrs. Clinton, to convince the commies—who won’t even allow their citizens to own guns—of this miracle of modern free enterprise economics. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for the ice caps to thaw (with a fishing pole in hand).

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Alternate Headline:  Kill A Bear to Save the Bears

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