Sharpshooter amazes his friends with skills

A teenager gives Annie Oakley a run for her money, and does it with a bow!

The Headline:  Sharpshooter amazes friends with skills

The Summary
: Kansas teenager Heath Getty wows people like me with his mad-wingshooting skills. Perhaps most impressively, he plucks clay pigeons from the air with his
Hoyt compound bow, and then makes defacing tossed coins with a rifle look easy. Be sure to check out the video

Jeff’s Take
: As a wannabe but far-from-sharp shooter myself—and one who judges other men by their shooting prowess—I’m always amazed when a young dude demonstrates that he is more of a man than I. I just wonder if he can hit a standing buck at 15 paces. I have. Once. And that makes me feel somewhat better. 

How’d He Get to be a BigShot?
: “I started off with a slingshot, then I had a BB gun at a real young age.”

Recommended Gear:
Red Ryder bb gun, World Champion target thrower; flu flu arrows, CCI 22 LR ammo

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1 Response to Sharpshooter amazes his friends with skills

Ty Kreis wrote:
May 11, 2010

I can do that!