Hunters Seeing Red Over Blaze Orange

Some hunters think wearing orange should be a choice, while others think it should be mandated. What do you think?

The HeadlineHunters seeing red over blaze orange

The Summary: A proposal to require Oregon big game hunters to wear blaze orange while afield has angered some of them. To others it’s a wise move.

Jeff’s Take: Click this link for NRA’s official policy on blaze orange requirements. As a pro-freedom guy, I prefer decisions that affect personal safety to be left up to the individual. But some hunters have other views. On one hand, much like seatbelts that are proven to save lives, I don’t think you or I should be mandated to wear seatbelts, but most would agree that seltbelts, in general are a good idea. The NRA contends, however, that there is no evidence that blaze orange save lives.

Proponents of blaze orange requirements liken the debate not to seat belts that protect the user, but to tail lights that help other drivers from smashing into cars they can’t see at night.

I don’t really like wearing orange because I feel goofy, but then again, I kill deer all the time while wearing orange. Although I can’t cite science, I know through experience that deer don’t see orange well, unlike turkeys. Is the risk of not wearing orange in the deer woods worth a slight advantage, if one at all?

The bottom line is that as a hunter, you are responsible for where your bullet goes. But what if you can’t see another hunter across a valley because he’s wearing camo. Is it your fault if you shoot at a deer and your bullet hits a hiding hunter? Is it his fault for not wearing orange?

As it stands, 40 states require hunters to wear blaze orange.

Your Take: Should there be more, less or compromising orange requirements? I’d like to know your opinion.

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1 Response to Hunters Seeing Red Over Blaze Orange

Danny Amos wrote:
May 26, 2010

yes i believe blaze orange saves lives, for example during the Virginia shotgun season there are many hunter roaming around the woods on a daily basis and blaze orange contributes to helping them become noticed so they don't take a load of buck shot in the chest so yes i believe blaze orange should be a requirement, my only concern is turkey season. There are just as many hunters in the woods but with out orange, its very dangerous ts just seems like were being kind of hypocrital making people wear orange in one season but then saying we dont have to in another when both are equaly dangerous, i believe it should be an option in both seasons to wear orange or not.