Feds change rules so farmers can kill geese faster

Mired by red tape and losing crops to resident geese, farmers can now defend their crops more efficiently

The Summary: The federal government has granted authority to the states to make decisions on whether to allow farmers to protect their crops with more aggressive means. In the past, farmers had to employ scare tactics such as dogs, air horns or scarecrows. Due to decimated crops stemming from the voracious appetites of non-migratory geese that feast on the same crop fields year ‘round, the government made a move. But now, with state approval in 41 states, farmers can whack and stack resident geese with more effective means and much less red tape.

Jeff’s Take: As a D.C. suburbanite, I applaud the new rule, but I wish the it would be granted to mall shoppers, residential drivers and golfers. Golf, for example, would be a whole lot more fun, and a bunch more rewarding for me if I could break out my 12-gauge fairway wood and knock down a Canada birdy. Plus, a fat resident goose makes better eating than the nearly non-existent one-under-par kind.

Recommended Gear: Remington’s Nitro Steel High Velocity shotgun shells , Benelli extended magazine tube

Alternate Headline: Finally A Hunting Law We Like!

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