South Dakota Turkey Hunt, Day 1, 9:56 p.m.

Our camp was full of all the things a turkey hunter could wish for when we pulled ingood food, good people and plenty of dead birds.

Seven gobblers, including mine, were harvested in all, with two of our compadres filling both their tags in the waning hours of day one. Kim Cahalan of Media Direct doubled down with the old two-birds-in-shot routine, and Tom Taylor of Mossberg blasted two 20 pounders.

My longbeard weighed in at just over 19 pounds with an eight-inch beard and a pair of 3/4" spurs. Not bad for my first Merriam's bird, but Davies and I will head out tomorrow for a shot at toping our efforts on night one.

             Photo by Eric Poole

After swapping stories, talking shop and eating a fine home cooked meal we have retired to our bunks to rest up for our trek across the prairie in the morning. Coyotes are barking wildly outside as I shut my eyes for the final time, it sounds like a party, one that I plan on crashing when the sun comes up.

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