It's A Squirrel's World

Long tailed rascals cause ruckus, send a New York man to jail and Arizonans a large tax bill.

The Headlines: Arizona Spends $1.25M to Save 250 Squirrels
81-Year-old Sentenced to 30 days in Jail for Shooting Squirrel

The Summary
William Thomas, 81, grew tired of the neighborhood squirrels tearing up his property so he took a pellet gun and snuffed one. The army veteran is now serving 30 days in a New York jail for animal abuse.

In another story, rope bridges are to be erected over a portion of Arizona highway in an attempt to protect the remaining population of 250 Mount Graham red squirrels. The project is expected to cost $1.25 million.

Jeff’s Take: I don’t know all the facts (perhaps he didn’t have a hunting license), and you can read my story or view my video to see that I love squirrels (and squirrel meat), but it seems a little extreme to me to send gramps to the hoosegow for killing a squirrel on his own property. It also seems a little ridiculous to spend over a mil for a few rope bridges (i.e. "canopy tunnel crossings") that might or might not help the rare squirrels. I’m all for saving animals from the brink of extinction, but is the rope braided from platinum or what? How should I know? I’m just a simple squirrel hunter.

Recommended Gear: Have a Heart squirrel repellant. Although I couldn’t find a surefire product for saving squirrels, I did find this squirrel screen saver. Isn’t the future meal cute!? On the other hand, here's a nice outfit for your infant, future squirrel-hunting daughter.

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3 Responses to It's A Squirrel's World

Boryamba wrote:
August 27, 2011

Congratulations. Really astounded with the caliber of the advice presented. I sincerely hope that you keep up with the brilliant work accomplished.

Keystone Billhilly wrote:
July 07, 2010

John, you're not giving Arizona enough credit for stupidity. The rope bridges are for the squirrels, not us humans. So they won't read the "Park Closed" signs and (maybe) will use the "canopy tunnel crossings".

John wrote:
July 07, 2010

Arizona is closing national parks due to finances. If the bridge is erected in a park area who will be able to use it.