Politics Supersedes Management


So I see Donnie Molloy, the U.S. District Judge and self-appointed wildlife expert, has once again dictated by fiat that the wolves be put back on the endangered species list in Idaho and Montana. Good old Donnie is never one to allow science and facts to interfere with his political agenda. Never mind that folks with real degrees from real universities—who actually worked in the field on the Yellowstone wolf recovery project—declared it a success and agreed, albeit somewhat reluctantly, to allow management (hunting) of wolves, provided that management objectives were preserved. They have been, and the natural emigration of wolves hundreds of miles beyond the Yellowstone ecosystem corroborates that.


Look, this is simply another example of politics winning the battle over science and management. Molloy is a typical example of legislating from the bench. He sits up there, above the fray and little people, and blesses them when they do what he wants; smiting them when they don’t. Meanwhile, nature marches on, and the meddling without management within the Yellowstone ecosystem is taking its toll on the elk and moose in the area. It is a despicable way to manage our wildlife.

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