When Hunting Turns High-Fashion

Let me start this blog with a statement: I am not fashion conscious. I don't wear overalls or plaid but I also don't rock rustic wool cardigans and skinny jeans. No deer hunter should.

So, when a friend emailed me a link to this t-shirt I was immediately confused.

[[take some time to digest what that link above shows]]

That's right, your neighborhood French Connectionan ultra-trendy British clothing retailer that has stores in some 27 countriesis stepping outside of the high-fasion box and into the hunting world.

Though, I'm sure the makers of this shirt have no clue when the rut is or what to do with a grunt call.

It got me thinking about the emotions such a depiction might provoke. A deer with a bloody bullet hole between his eyes seems a lot like something the nut jobs over at PETA might cook up.

To some hunters this shirt will seem ignorant and somewhat offensive. None of us are mortified when we see blood and/or guts (or head shots for that matter) but a blatant and tasteless depiction of a dead animal in the name of fashion might just be crossing the line.

On the other hand, others might think it funny that some fashionisto on a British high street is strutting his stuff with a trophy buck on his $50 t-shirt.

Others might not care at all. What do you think?

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4 Responses to When Hunting Turns High-Fashion

fashion apperal wrote:
July 02, 2012

This article was easy to read and contains interesting and informative content. I am sure this information will be useful to me over and over again as I learn more.

marty wrote:
October 06, 2010

those antlers almost spell something

bart wrote:
October 03, 2010

Ben, You are right on with your assessment of the situation. It is just going to incite folks to think that is what hunters do with complete disregard for hunting ethics and respect for the animal after the the harvest. Thanks!

Tykreis wrote:
September 29, 2010

Honestly, this pisses me off. First of all, you'd ruin the shoulder mount and secondly, hunters don't go out and blow heads off of deer for fun. At least the ethical ones. It's a slap in the face and a mockery of our industry.