A Great Handloading Accessory


For nearly four decades I have been handloading most of the ammunition I hunt, practice and compete with. Spend that much time on an avocation, and you are bound to accumulate a bunch of widgets, tools and accessories. During the past three or four years I have been gearing up with caliber-specific powder funnels.

Satern Custom Machining, of Estherville, IA, makes these funnels. It’s a very clever concept: Take a common aluminum funnel and machine a collar that fits over any case of a given caliber. The advantages are no static; therefore no powder bridging, and the funnel rests squarely on a case in the loading block without any additional support. It may seem like it’s nothing, but I have found them to be a significant timesaver. Too, with the close fit of the funnel to the case mouth powder “leakage” is minimized. I’m finding fewer granules of powder on the bench after a session. The aluminum-and-brass construction also makes these funnels safe for loading black powder—something that I happen to be getting back into now.

They are available in virtually every caliber from .17 to .50 directly from Satern (www.saternmachining.com), but I got mine from Sinclair International (www.sinclairintl.com) which has a bunch of cool, high-quality stuff for serious shooters.

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