Wyoming Antelope Hunt, Day 3

As mentioned previously, and particularly where trophy-class animals are required, antelope hunts are generally of short duration. But, with a full day to spare, Henderson, myself and a couple other hunters decided to visit local attractions, including gun shops. On the way into Gillette to drop of the antelope meat, we stopped by T&T Guns & Ammo and perused the inventory. The business, which has been family-owned for 59 years, has an excellent assortment of new and used firearms, ammunition and accessories. It’s nice to see these smaller businesses succeed.

After departing the meat processor, Olds Processing, we headed for Devils Tower National Monument, which is relatively close to Moorcroft. For those individuals in the area, Devils Tower is a must-see attraction. Not only was the tower amazing, but so too was the fact that people actually climb the formation, which rises 1,267 feet above the Belle Fourche River. It’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited. No visit would be complete without stopping in first at the information center, followed by the gift shop immediately outside the park’s gate.

          devil's tower

Once again stopping at Donna’s Diner, the group ate lunch, then several of us continued on to Gillette in search of more gun shops. This time we stopped by Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, which, like T&T, had a good selection of most outdoor equipments. Here too it was obvious the differences between the firearms, ammunition and accessories preferred by western hunters than those used back East. The rest of the evening was spent in town, just simply enjoying the small-town life and beautiful weather.

I head home tomorrow morning, but will not forget my experiences here. I have learned much. I also can’t wait to employ the Eliminator back in Virginia  One thing is for sure, I will be back to hunt antelope again. There’s just something about those “speed goats.”

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