Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is without a doubt my favorite holiday. It's the time of year that sums up what my life is all aboutfamily, food, football and hunting. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. Oh damn, I'm getting dizzy.

Let's pause while I collect myself.


I'm here, tryptophan flashback, it happens all the time.

This year I'll be heading back to my hometown for a three-meal Thanksgiving day, a restful Friday and then back to Maryland's Eastern shore to hunt my lease property on Saturday. This has been the tradition for almost my entire life, and it's one that I've grown to appreciate more as the years have gone by.

I'll definitely be sharing my hero shots from this year with my cousins and uncles, and they will be sharing their kills and hunting stories over classic Thanksgiving fare. Soon after I'll be slipping into a gravy-induced coma with the sounds of NFL football as my sweet sweet lullaby.

Speaking of family, one of my cousins—John Davidson of Hagerstown, Md.—just bagged the biggest buck of his life yesterday. It's a fine West Virginia eight-point, and I know he was proud to take home such a trophy.


I can't wait to hear the story. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I hope you all share your stories at the Thanksgiving table and keep our hunting tradition alive.

I'd like to leave you with the immortal words of comedian Kevin James: "Thanksgiving, man.  Not a good day to be my pants."

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