Bear: A Meat Worth Trying

A website writer finally tries bear and likes it; Our blogger likes it too, just not 300 pounds' worth.

The Summary: Writing for, Hank Shaw relates his quest to eat bear meat despite many peoples’ culture- (or yuppie-) based reluctance to try it. Although he wanted to hunt a bear and butcher it himself, time didn’t permit so he obtained some legal bear meat taken by a hunter friend. He made little pelmeni dumplings out of it. He reports that the bear dish was “… juicy, rich, earthy, and savory, with a twang of something that said, ‘I am not beef.’

Jeff’s Take: I am impressed by this dude’s culinary skills, but I'm curious if he'd get sick of eating it if he had 300 pounds of bear meatnot merely two. Every time I kill a bear, I look down at the heaping pile of fur, fat and meat and say, “Oh dear Lord, what am I gonna do with all this bear?" The last time I killed one—in late October of last year—I hung it up in my suburban townhouse back yard, and because skinned bears look eerily human-like, the neighbors thought it was a creepy Halloween display. I guess it was too creepy, because not one trick-or-treater showed up. And that wasn’t good, because I had planned to hand each one a fistful of bear jerky or bear sausage or bear whatever. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I killed a 500-pound behemoth. But I do know that it would make a heck of a lot of pelmeni dumplings, whatever the heck that is!

The Bear Prepare: Cook to at least 135 degrees to eliminate the risk of contracting trichinosis.

Recommended Gear: Bear Carnage bow ; Cabela’s Wusthof butchering kit ; Haier deep freezer ; Sako 85 rifle in .300 Win. Mag. 

Alternate Headline:  Anyone Care for More Bear?

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