PA Hunter Gets Buck of a Lifetime from Recliner

Even though Pennsylvania has been the subject of three out of my last four blogs, I promise I don’t have a thing for the Keystone state. Seems the news is just pouring out of the Commonwealth this week.

Today comes the amazing story of 86-year-old Lester Warner’s final deer hunt.

Teresa Ann Boeckel of the York Daily Record writes:

When Lester Warner left home for the mountains for the first day of deer hunting, he told his wife, Shirley, it would be for the last time.

Three weeks before that, the 86-year-old was in the hospital, dehydrated and sick from the chemotherapy he was receiving in his battle against prostate cancer. The cancer has spread, however, and he recently stopped treatment.

Warner, a lifelong hunter, wanted to spend the first day of hunting in the outdoors and with his family, as he has for decades.

Warner’s story would be truly touching even if he had returned home empty handed, but he was lucky enough to kill the biggest buck of his life—a dandy Pennsylvania eight-point.

Warner’s son Brian set his frail father up in a recliner that was placed inside 8-foot-by-10-foot hut the family had built as a shelter for Les years ago. It wasn’t long until the “miracle” happened.

Warner’s family will cherish the memories of his final hunt for many years to come.


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1 Response to PA Hunter Gets Buck of a Lifetime from Recliner

randy wrote:
February 19, 2011

what a great story and a great family,may god bless warner and his family.