Steelers Fans Poach Deer For Super Bowl Feast

As a Baltimore Ravens fan/diehard deer hunter I am naturally opposed to all things related to the Pittsburgh Steelers/poaching. It's rare that I get to report on a story that combines the two things I hate most in this world.

Check this out from in Pittsburgh:

Two Fayette County men are in trouble for allegedly serving poached food at their Super Bowl XLV party -- and that doesn't mean eggs or salmon.

A state wildlife conservation officer has charged Christopher Layman, 21, of Uniontown, and James Donaldson, 35, of Lemont Furnace, with killing two deer out of season on Feb. 5 so they could serve fresh venison at their party for the big Steelers-Packers game the next day.

The two culprits confessed to killing the deer and skinning it in their garage before feeding it to their hungry guests. They were both charged with misdemeanors. Seems that Super Bowl Sunday just wasn't a good day to be a resident of Pennsylvania. Not that any other day is particularly spectacular.

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8 Responses to Steelers Fans Poach Deer For Super Bowl Feast

SKINNS wrote:
March 21, 2011

Take a chill pill Larry, I found the article very entertaining. I was once a resident of your pothole ridden state and from the numbers of dead deer along that hellhole of a PA turnpike, you're not going to miss a couple of does anytime soon. I don't condone poaching either but it sounds to me like you're just pissed because you lost ANOTHER SuperBowl!!!

Larry wrote:
March 17, 2011

“… I understand how you perceived my comments to be hateful and negative. But despite your perception, that was not my intent. ” Ben, Ben, Ben! You yourself said and I quote: “…I get to report on a story that combines the two things I HATE most in this world.” Your intent is loud and clear. You’re the one comparing The Pittsburgh Steelers and Pennsylvanians to the evils of poaching. Are you serious? Watch what you think is humor.

Ben O wrote:
March 17, 2011

Wayne, Larry: I'm not sure what I can do for you other than say that I understand how you perceived my comment to be hateful and negative. But despite your perception, that was not my intent. I apologize for the poor taste but I think calling my comments “vile" is taking it a bit far. As an employee of the NRA, I understand my obligation to our membership and don't take that for granted. But I will maintain my sense of humor in what I hope is an informative and entertaining blog. Continue to speak your mind fellas; I'm always listening and trying to improve. I appreciate your thoughts.

Larry wrote:
March 17, 2011

If this had happen anywhere else (and poaching does occur in Maryland, Ben) this story would be for what it is. A sad case of jerks doing stupid things. There was nothing tongue in cheek about your article, but only a sad case of Steeler envy that is also insulting to the good people of Pennsylvania. Your hated doesn’t belong on the American Hunter. Save it for the football blogs or twitter.

Steelers Fan wrote:
March 16, 2011

If these buffoons were from Baltimore the headline would read “Ravens Fans Attempt to Poach Deer, Miss Shot”

Ben O wrote:
March 16, 2011

MuzzleHead Wayne, point definitely taken. Just know that when I rip on Steelers fans it is most certainly meant to be good-natured. I don't really hate all Steelers fans, and I'm sure every Pennsylvanian with a pulse would give it back to me with the same intensity. We are rivals, that's what rivals do. I definitely don't mean to offend anyone (expect poachers), and hope that folks who read this blog know my tongue-in-cheek nature.

MuzzleHead Wayne wrote:
March 15, 2011

I live in Virginia and I think this kind of hatred doesn't belong on American Hunter. I wonder why "our" (including people from PA.) club pay this guy to write these things. Maybe you should keep this type of material for your close nit group of haters.

Chad S. wrote:
March 15, 2011

I hate poachers. Should be a felony.