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HSUS: The Dog Shelter People?

By Keith Wood

The Myth
Humane Society of the United States are the dog shelter people, right? They spend all their time fighting for defenseless critters.

The Facts
HSUS, the group that bombards the airwaves with disturbing images of abused dogs and cats, contributes less than one percent of its budget to animal shelters. According to Humane Watch, in 2009 HSUS raised $121,725,153 in 2009 and gave less than $1 million to hands-on pet shelters. The year before was even worse, with less than one-half of one percent of their budget going to shelters.

So what are they doing with all of that money they raise via their celebrity spokespeople? Besides salaries that would make an NRA employee jump for joy and more tv commercials than Geico, they spend lots of it fighting to put farmers out of business and to chase hunters out of the woods. Wayne Pacelle, HSUS‘ CEO put it to us straight: "We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States ... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state.”

Nice, how about this one from Pacelle: “If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would."

The Conclusion
Clearly, HSUS takes advantage of a clever name to mislead potential donors- it’s working. In a recent CNN poll, 71% of participants thought that HSUS is an umbrella group that represents thousands of local humane societies all across America. This is, of course, not the case.  

But they love pets, right?

Truth in advertising? Bullshoot...

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5 Responses to HSUS: The Dog Shelter People?

Tom P wrote:
May 27, 2011

The shelter folks are the AMERICAN HUMANE SOCIETY. That is who funds my local shelter, which is also the only place I find my furry friends. So when you see their name, their the ones who save animals.

KW wrote:
May 27, 2011

No, that's the biggest misconception out there- that "HSUS" is some sort of "umbrella group" for local shelters.

Steve wrote:
May 26, 2011

Are the local 'Humane Society' shelters connected with or organized by this HSUS group?

Nate McCann wrote:
May 18, 2011

Someone ought to sue those people for fraud.

Jim Gibbons wrote:
May 18, 2011

Right on, Keith... And did you see that BS the anti-hunters spewed when the guy from go-daddy hunted the elephant in zimbabwe?