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Are Stormproof Matches Really Stormproof?

The company claims they will burn even under water, but I'm calling 1-800 Bullshooters.

By Jeff Johnston

The Claim: (Taken directly from the box of Industrial Revolution Stormproof Matches): “Windproof, Waterproof, Stormproof; Easy to light and stays lit, even underwater!”

Call me mad, but I’m calling 1-800-BullShooters on this one!

The Test: First, I soaked a stormproof match in water and then tried to light it. Then I repeatedly submerged it like a clown at the carnival dunk tank. Next, I placed an electric fan to create a wind of up to 18 mph, according to the Kestral Wind Meter, to see if it was windproof. And finally, I called for rain to see if a hunter can expect to light one in a driving rainstorm.

The Conclusion: Check out the video to see the results. (But if you don't have time, go ahead and buy a pack for $3.99.)

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