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What State Is the Best Big Buck Destination?

The Question: "What’s the best spot to kill a monster whitetail on a week-long trip?"

I ask myself this question every time I’m in the stand and the answer is always “somewhere else.”

The Expert Differal: Since my success with truly big bucks ranks up there with my ability to pick stocks & lottery numbers, I reached out to an expert. John Burrell is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and owner of both the High Adventure Company and Whitetail Destinations. His clients demand the best hunts available so he’s constantly on the prowl for the best areas.

“It's hard to beat Texas as a whitetail state for a number of reasons, but first and foremost is the success rate that good ranches offer. While the Midwest is capable of growing huge deer it just can't compete with Texas in terms of success rates.”

In fact, Texas alone accounts for about 10 percent the Boone & Crockett Club whitetail entries.

“I think Missouri, Nebraska, and Kentucky may be the best bargains in whitetail hunting and, until recently, one of the best kept secrets," said Burrell. They are becoming better known as top whitetail destinations.”

It sounds to me like John is onto something: The biggest non-typical rack ever recorded was a pick-up (what a shame) from St. Louis County, Missouri, that measured 333 7/8.

The Conclusion: Texas

Tell us your opinion of the best spot for huge bucks. We’d love to know where they live.

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12 Responses to What State Is the Best Big Buck Destination?

Steve wrote:
December 02, 2014

Iowa and Ohio by far

Nick wrote:
September 01, 2012


Garrett wrote:
October 05, 2011

Your all wrong! Ohio!! Most world record deer have came out of ohio! Texas deer are little pincal rack deer!

Joe wrote:
August 24, 2011

I live in Texas and i promise there is no place to hunt here. The state is wide but it ain't open.

KW wrote:
August 23, 2011

Gary, good question: we'll do our homework and let you know.

KW wrote:
August 23, 2011

No argument on WI, but how many hunters shoot in Boone'r in 7 days there?

John wrote:
August 22, 2011

Yeah Texas has more of a rate per area but look at the size of the state to any other. Iowa has pulled out some really nice ones here lately. JMO

Gary wrote:
August 22, 2011

What is the best state for mule deer?

Winmarman wrote:
August 20, 2011

Please, year after year Wisconsin has more B&C records than any other state in the books.

KW wrote:
August 20, 2011

Ken- I hunt a great deal in Alabama myself. The question posed though was not "which states have good deer", it was "what state produces the best success rates on big deer in a short period of time". KW

Ken wrote:
August 19, 2011

Texas may be the best for success rate by far, but only because that State is so large! As far as the size of the State and yeald on success rate, how about Alabama or Mississippi!! Michigan, New York, Missouri, Kentucky all produce more Large Bbucks that Texas!

RDawg wrote:
August 19, 2011

Of course Texas will seem like the best bet. It has the land mass of five Mid-western states in one. One more thing to keep in mind, after this year's heat & drought, the deer numbers in the southwest will be down.