Blo Glo?

By Bob Robb

After 35 years in the hunting and shooting business, I have seen a lot of different products come and go. Some have been good, while some have left me asking, “How could this gizmo help me have more fun and be more successful in the woods?”

Blo Glo is one interesting product that is a little bit of both. It purports to take a simple product—the fluffy powder that fills wind puffer bottles—to the next level by introducing a powder that actually glows in the dark. Naturally, the first question is, “Why would I need that?” And yet, in the pre-dawn darkness on a seemingly calm morning when you are making a critical “go” or “no go” decision, knowing exactly how the wind and thermals are carrying your scent can make all the difference.

All hunters have had this happen to them—you have the wind doped and make a stand selection, get to said stand in the dark and climb up before realizing the thermals and/or wind is actually ruining your location. To take it a step further, this information would be extremely valuable to me on spot & stalk hunts out West for elk, mule deer, Coues deer, coyotes and other critters that demand I get into position before first light by making a hike or climb that may last hours.

And it is quite simple in how it works. The Blo Glo Activator employs a special light (included in the package) that fits on the bottom of the small enclosed bellows to charge the phosphorescent powder, which is placed in the top part of the unit. Once the powder is charged you simply remove the top cap and squeeze the bellows to send out a little puff of scent-free phosphorescent glow-in-the dark powder. 

A buddy of mine has even used the powder mark a scant blood trail and to illuminate arrow nocks.

The only downside is the cost. You can order Blo Glo from Cass Creek for $14.99 plus shipping. After thinking about it, though, I decided that if only used it when dark, it would probably last me a very long time.

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