The Angriest Rent-A-Cop in Saskatoon

Generally I avoid offending law enforcement. Even mall cops. (Have you seen the flashlights they carry these days? They'll blind the crap out of you.)

However, the gentleman who picked me up at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, airport to go duck hunting last week apparently does not share my policy. Initially I didn't suspect he had a rebellious bone in his body. In fact he exhibited great kindness, even pausing to chat with a sweet old lady who "looked tired and in need of a friend."

Therefore I wasn't surprised when we found a lost set of rental-car keys in the parking lot and he insisted on returning them. We drove back around to the terminal and he parked in the taxi lane near the rental car counters.

Almost immediately, an irate female Rent-A-Cop (is there a politically correct term for that?) emerged. Perhaps she could've inquired as to our intentions, or even politely asked us to move the vehicle. Instead she wailed hysterically, "You can't park here! You can't park here!" Unfazed, my ride walked into the terminal as if he didn't see her.

This sent the woman into a new level of anger. She screamed into her radio and flailed her arms and legs. She looked sort of like a kid trying to do jumping jacks who had the timing all wrong.  

She began to write a traffic ticket just as her adversary returned. I'm sure she's seen many attempts to get out of tickets, but probably not this one: My ride calmly began to walk by the woman and, without making eye contact or breaking stride, he grabbed her pen, got in the truck and drove away.

As far as I know, he never received a ticket. Perhaps the woman was too embarrassed to tell her supervisor what happened. Can you imagine that conversation?

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6 Responses to The Angriest Rent-A-Cop in Saskatoon

Julien wrote:
October 31, 2011

Merchant Police. Respectful, accurate, no demeaning overtones. Like the rest of us, some power trip. Some have a bad day, then dump on someone else.

Michael T. wrote:
October 20, 2011


Shelly wrote:
October 19, 2011

Paul, you sound like a bitter rent-a-cop that has had his pen stolen a time or two.

Paul wrote:
October 18, 2011

That's messed up that a few bad security officers give the whole industry a bad name. RENT A COP is only used by the ignorant. So are ALL COPS crooked? As a security officer, I have saved a 16 year olds life and saved my city hundreds of man hours investigating crimes that I happened to roll up on cause I wasn't parked driverside door to driverside door at a 7-11 talking with my partner about all the people I screwed that day! The way I see it the POLICE are there to pick up the garbage that we bag! So have fun with your tazers, fast cars and bright lights cause it aint helpin much!!! look at the statistics in ANY city!

Travis wrote:
October 18, 2011

LMAO! I did something similar to someone as they were writing down my tag number because I had made them mad.

Ronnie Frazier wrote:
October 18, 2011

I love it, wish it were true. Americans put up with way too much crap from so-called authority.