Atlantic Flyway Update: Will Snow Bring Ducks?

Angst is building among Atlantic Flyway waterfowlers due to winter's delayed arrival, but colder weather and—almost as importantly—a northwest wind has beared down on the Northeast for several days. Will the cold front and lake-effect snow bring a long-awaited push of ducks?

Here's hoping. I've received anecdotal reports that a significant number of migrating mallards have arrived in New Jersey and western and central Pennsylvania, but I have located very few in northern Virginia—not exactly typical for the second week of December.

Thus far, the season has been tough at best, but we did get a nice push of gadwalls two weeks ago. Here's my buddy Jon with a good drake:

Gadwalls generally arrive just ahead of the first push of mallards, so I remain optimistic that as I write this scores of greenheads are riding the northwest wind on down to the Old Dominion. Plus, I drew a good public-land blind for Saturday, so my fingers are crossed extra tightly.

How is your season going? Has the weather cooperated?

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1 Response to Atlantic Flyway Update: Will Snow Bring Ducks?

MizzouZack wrote:
December 09, 2011

Aint been a problem in Central flyway. Were hammerin' em especially the geese!!