Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod a Winner    

By Bob Robb

A fall 2011 whitetail/mule deer hunt on South Dakota’s Rosebud Indian Reservation produced not just excellent deer hunting, but the discovery of a new hunting/shooting aid that I will be using a lot from now on.

One of hunting’s biggest challenges is being able to get a rock-solid rifle rest in the field. When Caldwell’s Brandon Butler let me try out the new DeadShot FieldPod, I was immediately hooked.

Here’s why.

The aluminum unit weighs a tick under 5 pounds, and folds up small enough that you can carry it afield in a large daypack if necessary, as well as pack it with the built-in carry strap. With tripod legs and length and pivot point adjustments that make it easy to perfectly fit and balance for virtually any long gun, it is easy to achieve bench rest stability in the field. Height adjustments range from 20 to 42 inches, meaning it can be quickly adjusted vertically whether you are sitting on the ground, in a chair or on a stool inside a ground blind. The unit also pivots quietly so you can swing with a moving target.

The DeadShot FieldPod is an innovative new rest that is rugged, easy to transport, and allows you to achieve bench rest stability in the field.

Brandon and I used our units while hunting mule deer with muzzleloaders on this trip, but I can quickly see other possibilities. How about setting up the rifle so it is in the right position when calling coyotes, which will minimize movement? Or shooting prairie dogs and ground squirrels? Definitely a great rest when hunting from a ground blind, which made me immediately think about late-season muzzleloader hunts for whitetails. It will also support most crossbows. Our large hunting camp also used our units in lieu of a bench rest for checking the zero of our muzzleloaders before heading afield. Sure beats shooting over the hood of the truck! The unit can also be adjusted so that exposed magazine rifles—like those built on the AR platform—will also fit easily.

By nature, I am the “anti-gadgeteer.” The longer I hunt, the less use I have for extraneous items that either do not significantly improve my chances for both enjoyment and success, or are designed and/or built so poorly they’ll fail when put to the torture test. This gem isn’t one of them. The suggested list price is $129.99. You should be able to find these units this fall at major retailers and the large catalog warehouses, and more information is available here.

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