A Day Well Spent

Still waiting on a camera, Mike Pentecost headed out to hunt with an old school turkey hunter named Jimmy Bragg. Mr. Bragg helped Mike with advice and tips when he was first learning to turkey hunt so Mike is always happy to return the favor these days and join the older hunter in the woods to go after turkeys.

“You know if you get the chance to go in the woods with an elder woodsman you both receive a blessing,” said Mike. “A lot of times, they need your help to get out there and get around as much as you can benefit from their turkey hunting experience.”

The two got onto some gobbling birds, but could never seal the deal. The rest of the week was catching up on work and taking care of the family.

Florida looks like it is a go with Mike heading there on Monday to hunt for the next couple of days. Finally, he should get some time to hunt to begin checking off some of those 11 birds he needs to complete his quest. An opportunity to hunt with TV personality Spook Spann at his place in Tennessee will probably move his schedule back on hunting Texas, Montana and Wyoming. The birds are really cranked up in Alabama now and Mike worries if he waits too long, the action will turn cold and he’ll miss out on a good opportunity at the Alabama birds he wants to be a part of his quest.

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1 Response to A Day Well Spent

Timothy Blevins wrote:
February 14, 2013

Hunting turkeys in Alabama is AWESOME.I live in Jackson Co.Alabama. The turkeys here are hunted hard,but I hunt hard.Cant wait for 3-15-13. I wish I could hunt with the man who got me started.So long,hunting is a great way of life!