Duck Commanders Teach Conan to Blow Duck Call

In case you missed it, the Duck Commanders, Phil and Willie Robertson, taught Conan O'Brien to blow a duck call on TBS the other night. The clip below is really entertaining. And Conan's actually pretty good for a first-timer.

I love stuff like this, not just because it makes for great TV, but because all the positive hunting and shooting coverage that's appeared on major networks lately must drive anti-hunters absolutely crazy. We've kicked PETA's butt during the last decade, and I think a major reason why is we no longer make excuses for hunting as we began to do during the 1990s. The rather apologetic word "harvest," as in, "I harvested a duck," has fallen out of favor. Our message is now simply, "We hunt because it's fun. Try it." It's the honest truth. And it's why we're winning.

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