Quest for 450: Keys to the Hunt

When Mike Pentecost and Spook Spann set up on the turkeys that would lead to the two scoring a double, it could have just as easily been a hunt that wasn’t.

“We hit a call and GOBBLE! Birds sounded off just 200 yards out in front of us,” said Mike. “In hindsight, we probably should’ve used a crow call as the yelps could have brought the turkeys in faster than we could get set up.”

While it seems gobblers most often take their time working into calls, more often than many hunters realize, a well-timed and placed yelp or cutt can bring them running. For that reason, before calling with an actual hen call, use a non turkey-sounding locator call—such as a crow call, owl hooter, etc.—when calling for the first time in a new spot. Get a bird to gobble and he won’t be running into a crow call, giving the hunter time to set up, get situated and then begin working the bird into the gun.

Also, every time before calling, survey your immediate surroundings to make sure the trees and cover are sufficient to allow you to set up quickly and offer quick concealment, yet open enough to provide a good field of view as the turkey approaches.

Also, when setting up, put the sun to your back whenever possible. This will make it easier for you to see, while hindering a gobbler's otherwise excellent eyesight.

As the Indian said in "The Outlaw Josey Wales" as the movie’s hero put the sun to his back before approaching the murderous Comancheros, “this ought to give him an edge.” It will give you one too. 


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