Annie Oakley's Parker Shotgun Sells for $143,400

What do you get when you've got a 19th century Parker sidelock with ties to arguably the most famous trickshooter of all time? Rich, that's what. The side-by-side shotgun Annie Oakley used during a trip to England with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show in 1887 has sold at auction for $143,400.

“The intense interest and great prices this auction brought show the ongoing fascination people have with Annie Oakley,” Tom Slater of Heritage Auctions told the History Channel. Slater oversaw the auction, which took place on Sunday in Dallas, Texas.

Oakley used the shotgun to dazzle such dignitaries as England's Queen Victoria. Interestingly, not long thereafter the Parker fell out of favor with Oakley and she gifted it to her brother in-law (now there's a re-gifted item I'd enjoy receiving).

In addition to her shotgun, Oakley's Marlin .22 sold for $83,650, and her trademark Stetson hat went for $17,925. The entire collection, which included other rifles, letters, photographs and memorabilia, sold for $518,875.

However, while Oakley's shotgun fetched a pretty penny, some would argue that its new owner got a great deal. After all, Nash Buckingham's Burt Becker/A.H. Fox shotgun "Bo Whoop" sold at auction in 2010 for $201,250. And, while Buckingham was a much-beloved writer, conservationist and wingshot, he has nowhere near Oakley's fame.

On the other hand, personally I'd still rather own "Mr. Buck's" gun.

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