Dumb and Dumber

From my old stomping grounds in southern California comes this imbecilic headline: More than 10 tons of firearms melted down in Rancho Cucamonga mill. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department—in its unassailable hoplophobic logic—made a big show of taking some 8,000 firearms to a Rancho Cucamonga smelting plant and melting them down to turn them into rebar. In a brash PR statement, they even named the event as “Project Isaiah,” a reference to the Bible and the story of melting weapons into plowshares. Wait! Doesn’t that violate the separation of church and state? Oops! My bad! That only applies to other displays of Biblical ideology that are inconvenient to secularists.

These guns were either confiscated during the commission of a crime or retrieved as stolen property. If the owner of the stolen gun could not be contacted it was melted down. What do you want to bet that the effort to contact the owners was inconsequential?

A couple of years ago I received a notice from the Sheridan, Wyo. Police Department that it had a bunch of firearms to be auctioned off in a sealed bid process. These guns were confiscated during the commission of a crime as well. The Sheridan police sent out the notices to all the FFL holders in the area. There wasn’t anywhere near 8,000 guns, but there were three or four dozen. Anyway, the police made a little money on the deal to help ease budget woes a bit and some folks got some good guns—a win-win deal, if there ever was one. Meanwhile the County of Los Angeles just threw away a fair amount of cash that could go to ease its financial morass. Aww, doesn’t matter a bit—it felt so good to “get rid of those evil guns,” and we’ll just raise taxes some more.

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2 Responses to Dumb and Dumber

dft wrote:
July 27, 2012

You gotta live in the PRK once to comprehend the mentality there of the bureaucrats in charge (and a large percentage of the population has been brainwashed to believe that drivel is true). Heck I'd bet that a significant number of those guns are not legal to be sold in CA anymore. Sure am glad I escaped.

WarrenM wrote:
July 25, 2012

This should be named "Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest". What the hell are these idiots thinking of? Their heads are somewhere that the sun never shines. The fact this action makes them feel so good is evidence that they left their brains home under their pillows.