Not Politically Correct: "Coon Hunt Court" Renamed

In what can only be described as a big misunderstanding, a neighborhood planning board in Columbia, Md., has voted to rename a street previously known as Coon Hunt Court. The unanimous decision was spurred by numerous complaints from Coon Hunt Court residents, who called the name "insulting".

Why? As far as we know, they aren't against hunting. Rather, it seems they were under the false impression that the street name made a derogatory racial reference.

"When my wife and I first moved our family to Thunder Hill, I had a lot of trepidation moving on a street named Coon Hunt Court," Ambrose Lane said in his testimony to the planning board. "Being the son of a civil rights activist and radio personality, I had long come to understand the meaning and uses of the word 'coon.' It's history during and after the Jim Crow era is well-known to me and many of my peers, no matter their racial background."

As noted by the Outdoor Pressroom, perhaps the American Kennel Club will be the planning board's next target. Coonhound? That's offensive.

In any event, Coon Hunt Court is now April Wind Circle.

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