Leave it to the Professionals

I just love these kinds of stories. Apparently last Sunday one Jaclyn Luby, a flight attendant for Republic Airways, had a brain-flatulence event and forgot to take her licensed Smith & Wesson Airweight revolver out of her carry-on bag. It was picked up by TSA officials as she went through security screening at Philadelphia International Airport. The TSA contacted the police who escorted Ms. Luby into a secondary screening room, where the responding officer allegedly attempted to unload the piece and “it discharged.” Hmm.

Guns do not discharge. They are usually discharged by a person—though I have heard of instances where a dog or some other animal has discharged a gun by stepping on the trigger—and it takes a deliberate act to discharge a firearm. I have a passing familiarity with Smith & Wesson double-action revolvers—there are about two dozen of them scattered around the Campbell homestead nowand have used them for a variety of shooting tasks for more than 40 years. I guess you could unload one of these revolvers one shot at a time via the barrel, but it is noisy, expensive and inefficient. By the way, that round that “discharged” went through the wall of the screening room and into a break room where an employee was sitting. Thankfully, it hit no one.

The incident remains under investigation. Republic Airways is reviewing Ms. Luby’s story and it is likely her employment will be terminated, given the hoplophobic nature of airlines in general and that part of the country in particular. The Philadelphia Police Department is conducting an internal investigation of the officer who fired the round. Likely, he or she will be given a “stern” talking to, and if we’re lucky they’ll get some hands-on training on how to safely remove cartridges from a double-action revolver.

I find it interesting that a citizen who made an honest mistake and who had no malicious intent will probably have to pay a steeper price for her misdeed than the so-called professional whose ignorance and incompetence actually did endanger the very people that person is sworn to protect. The gun grabbers historically shrill that only professionals like the police should be allowed to have guns. Uh-huh.

Now do not misconstrue me. I am not dissing the police. Most officers that I know are gun guys anyway, but there are those who are not. For those who must assign blame to make their lives complete, it would have to be laid upon the police administration because of its failure to adequately train their people in the area of gun handling.

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1 Response to Leave it to the Professionals

John wrote:
September 26, 2012

Was she a blond ???? Being a gun guy can you say that you ever! don't know where you weapon is