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New Muzzleloader World Record Grizzly Taken

Steve West of Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV has broken the Muzzleloader World Record for grizzly bears.


Steve West, founder and host of Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV, has taken a new Muzzleloader World Record grizzly bear, setting a new mark at 26 1/16". Prior to West's kill the record had been 23 2/16".

Using a CVA .50 Caliber ACCURA V2 from 49 yards, West took the grizzly during a 10-day hunt in British Columbia while hunting with contributor Phil Phillips.

West was shooting 405 grain Copper Powerbelt Bullets propelled by 150 grains of IMR whitehot pellets. Because the skull had tissue and the lower jaw still attached the bear will have to be re-measured for official entry, but the measurement is not expected to change.

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4 Responses to New Muzzleloader World Record Grizzly Taken

Paul Sammons wrote:
February 16, 2015

Penny, you are grossly misinformed. Check the Alaska fish and game site as well as the Canadian fish and game site. Not sure where you got your information, but these are untrue rumors that are not justified. Get your facts straight before giving your opinion...opinion is defined as rhetoric un-substantiated by fact!!

Penny wrote:
June 28, 2013

Must have been real hungry to shoot a grizz. Seeming how they are nearly endangered and there habitat is being destroyed. Seems legit for you to kill one for fun. Bthatlack bears yes, I get that. Any other bear should be left alone. He was much cooler being a bear than a notch on your belt and a rug on our floor. In my opinion.

Tim Ferrall wrote:
September 06, 2012

Gotta agree with Rocklock. If it isn't a lead projectile, real black powder, and a sidelock...well it isn't real muzzleloading. Congrats to Steve anyway.

Rocklock wrote:
August 17, 2012

Seems like he was using a single shot .45-120. I know, I know it loads from the muzzle. Tell me when a .58 or .62 round ball over 100 gr of black is used.