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Test Your Knowledge: Take Our Whitetail Deer Quiz!

Think you know everything about your backyard bucks? Check your knowledge against this whitetail quiz.

Photo Courtesy of the USFWS




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4 Responses to Test Your Knowledge: Take Our Whitetail Deer Quiz!

hoyt hunter wrote:
January 02, 2012

no results. waste of time.

Wolf wrote:
December 27, 2011

I agree haha , still dont know how much about deers I know?

waste of time wrote:
December 25, 2011

I can't see my results. What's the point?

Sherrill Philip Neese wrote:
December 20, 2011

ok. I took the quiz. How do I find out how well I did? After I finished, took me to a page that said I was finished and then asked me if I wanted to create a quiz. No.... I just want the answers to the quiz I finished.