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The Six Guys You Meet in Deer Camp

There's not just one stereotypical whitetail hunter—it's more like six. Have you met them all? Read on and find out.

As part of the ongoing quest to convince the public we’re a bunch of knuckle-dragging ne’er-do-wells, anti-hunters try to lump us all into one easily defined, stereotypical group. Obviously such folks have never stepped inside a hunting camp, or they’d realize just how outside of reality their preconceptions lie. There isn’t one stereotypical hunter—there are six of them—and, if you’ve spent much time in deer camp, chances are you’ve met a few of these fellas.

The Tactician
As far as you’re concerned, this guy takes hunting a little too seriously. His rifles have advanced drop-compensation charts taped to their stocks, and his Camelbak could fill a water cooler. It’s rumored that even his ties are lined with carbon, he showers at least three times a day in a secret “no scent” formula, and heaven help the guy who fried bacon while he’s in camp. That is, if the Tactician returns to camp at all. Several seasons ago a missing persons report was filed when he disappeared for three days. Hours later he showed up dragging a buck.

Braggin’ Bruce
Before you’re done introducing yourself to Bruce, he’ll launch into stories of his various trips for elk out west and all the great deer he’s shot. Oddly, he doesn’t produce any photos. Every time you attempt to reciprocate with a hunting story of your own, you sense that Bruce feels required to top it. Over the years, Bruce tells the same stories again and again, each time seemingly adding a new embellishment. Astonishingly he has never missed a buck, although his fellow hunters have sworn they heard him shoot a time or two. He’s a great hunter—just ask him—and yet nobody can recall the last time he hauled a buck into camp.

Uncle Money Bags
He always has a new custom rifle topped with new German glass, and he’s the only hunter to arrive in camp driving a European SUV. On paper, Uncle Money Bags doesn’t fit in, but he’s surprisingly down to earth and, hey, he’s good for buying breakfast on at least a morning or two. He flies to Africa at least once a year, but unlike Bruce, you’ll have to ask to see his photo albums. Best of all? Ever since he bought a high-end ATV, your deer dragging days have been over.

Just Hangin’ Out Hal
Not everyone in deer camp has the same priorities. Some guys are there to relax and enjoy nature. Some hope to fill their freezers, while Hal just wants to party. He’s always among the last guys up playing poker (the rest of whom have already gotten their deer), and he’s the last guy out of his bunk. Fortunately he’s also known to prepare eggs and bacon for returning hunters, perhaps because he often requires such greasy sustenance to shake the previous evening’s indiscretions. Hal has a sharp wit and he’s well-liked, despite the fact he rarely makes it to his stand. He got a buck back in 2002, but you suspect he hit it with his pickup.

The Old Sage
This elder statesman is a token member of every camp. Decades ago he helped secure the property on which your cabin resides, and nobody is allowed to stay in camp without his blessing. Hunting clothing has changed a lot over the years, but he still hunts in a red and black Woolrich jacket and L.L. Bean “bean boots”. His rifle of choice is a pre-64 Winchester, Model 700 BDL or .30-30 lever-action. He can still-hunt with the best of them, and he knows how to approach a stand based on the wind – none of that “no scent” stuff, thank you. His cover scent smells like tobacco. He’s killed few deer that Boone & Crockett would consider trophies, but he gets one every year. He’s an avid reader of American Hunter, however, given that this story is online only, he’ll never see it.

The Silent Killer
Some guys in camp are loud and outgoing, while others can be downright obnoxious in their excitement to have arrived. But not The Silent Killer. Don’t get him wrong, he’s a nice guy, but he ‘s a B-type personality by nature and he doesn’t much speak unless spoken to. If you were new to camp, you’d have no idea that he’s killed the biggest buck five years in a row. It seems every season he fells an even larger deer, each time seeming more gracious, humble and genuinely surprised than the last. Braggin’ Bruce is insanely jealous of this guy, perhaps because he shoots better deer in more admirable fashion than Bruce ever could. Perhaps The Silent Killer is a great hunter. Or maybe he’s a consistently lucky hunter. But the man loves to hunt, he gets the job done every year and he could care less about accolades.

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17 Responses to The Six Guys You Meet in Deer Camp

shootbrownelk wrote:
September 26, 2014

That was a great read, I've seen a few guys like the ones described. Liked most of them. You did forget Freeloader Frank...the guy who brings nothing to contribute like food or drink, never helps with chores like woodchopping or meal preparation (he eats enough though) and if he gets a deer, he hits the bricks. Never to be seen during the off season around the camp doing various upkeep jobs. He's just a lazy slacker.

cat wrote:
December 04, 2012

The author forgot about trigger happy Troy. This man just can't stand the humiliation of not coming into camp without a deer even just a fawn every year. He also rarely shoots a buck.

newbie wrote:
November 27, 2012

Where is the new hunter at camp... or are they at a different camp?

NRA Outdoors wrote:
November 10, 2012

Nailed it! I've met everyone of these guys in camp and like one of the other readers wonder which one I am. Don't forget Trophy Tim only there to shoot something and leave, does not stay for the experience, only wants the head to put on his wall so he can brag about how hard he hunted to secure his trophy!

NRA Lifer wrote:
October 28, 2012

And not one word of politics or extreme gun-toting politics.

Nicolas Magnum wrote:
October 27, 2012

If some of you could actually read instead of being big mouth Bruce you would see the author put a comma between the Winchester and the 700.

steve wrote:
October 26, 2012

Bill Montgomery missed the comma after 'pre 64 Win chester.

Dee wrote:
October 26, 2012

There is a , after the 'pre 64 Winchester. So no, Winchester is not making the 700.

Jeff S wrote:
October 26, 2012

I guess I'm # 6 without the success rate. Yup, I've met all these guys and various shades in between. Not quite as gung ho as I used to be but still dedicate a few days every year. Front stuffer ready to go for the NH opener next weekend! Hunt safe & good luck!

Corey Wegner wrote:
October 26, 2012

Bill Montgomery, the author wasn't suggesting the 700 BDL was a Winchester. It was a list of three different rifles.

Dale wrote:
October 26, 2012

Yes, I have met some of these guys and maybe related to a couple too. But, thats all part of the deer hunting experience.

Ernie White wrote:
October 26, 2012

I have known a few of these in our deer camp. Some we have invited back & some we have not.

Mike wrote:
October 25, 2012

Genuinely made me laugh. As well as wonder which am I? Certainly not Braggin' Bruce or Uncle Money Bags. I've only ever killed one deer, and I'm certainly not made of money. I know I'm not the Old Sage, that would be my Grandpa. I could see some of myself in the tactician, but only because I read everything I can. I know I can't possibly be Hangin' Out Hal, I actually make it to my stand in the dark, so that has to make me the Silent Killer, or perhaps I'm on my way... Either way, I love hunting!

Bill Montgomery wrote:
October 25, 2012

Winchester did not make a pre 64 700 BDL,in fact they didnt make a post 64 either,Remington must be amazed that Winchester is producing BDL's for them

Jfarris wrote:
October 25, 2012

Nailed that to a tee,I could see each one of these guys @last season @ camp.

Bernie wrote:
October 25, 2012

I can't believe it! We have only six guys in camp and you described each one of them. What are the odds of that????

Another Hunter wrote:
October 25, 2012

You forgot Hunters #7 & 8. Number 7 is the guy that is always reminding everyone about the blogs "he writes for", the magazine articles he's writing and the equipment he's reviewing, all of which no one in camp has ever heard of or seen any result of. And of course don't forget #8, the camp drunk. Seems every camp has one. The guy that isn't sober from the time he pulls up until he's half way home.