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DR Power RapidFire and Dual-Action Log Splitters

Build up that dwindling wood pile with one of these new log splitters from DR Power.


There's no denying it, the off-season leaves many of us with a lot of extra time on our hands, and what better way to pass the time until the next season rolls around than by getting some chores done around the house? Build up that dwindling wood pile with one of the new log splitters from DR Power—two new lines include RapidFire Splitters and Dual-Action Splitters.

The RapidFire line uses two massive flywheels and a rack & pinion system to generate incredible splitting power and speed. You can chop one log in one second. Cycle time is 3 seconds.

The Dual-Action line uses hydraulics to split wood in both directions, eliminating the long wait for the ram to return between splits, and boosting productivity. Cycle time is 6 to 21 seconds.

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1 Response to DR Power RapidFire and Dual-Action Log Splitters

Morris Breedlove wrote:
March 11, 2012

If these splitters are as good as all the other DR equipment they will be tremendous. I have a DR power wagon that is 16 years old and still going strong. An old Field and Brush mower that is still working, a string trimmer over 15 years old that starts second pull every spring after 15 years. Also have the latest model All- Terrain mower and a second generation Power Wagon. Great equipment, great Company and great service. Try them you will be pleased.