CVA Apex

Whether you're hunting warthogs or groundhogs, the CVA Apex delivers.

CVA has been making muzzleloaders for more than 40 years. But the company also makes single-shot rifles, and single-shot rifles that become muzzleloaders (and vice-versa) with a simple barrel change. The versatility of the CVA Apex switch-barrel rifle is one thing. Its accuracy is another. Hunters will appreciate both, as I explain--with proof from the field--in the video below.


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1 Response to CVA Apex

Stephen Hensley wrote:
November 22, 2014

I am looking at getting g one of these rifles I the .50cal muzzleloader. I'm getting away from center fire. I've read a few r3giews where the crown was off and not shooting straight with any powder or bullet combos but read great reviereviews as well. So I would like some thoughts on this gun. I plan on shooting the blackhorn 209 powder yes I need the other breech plug; also gonna shoot the harvester scorpion gold pt 260gr. Any thoughts would be thankful. Good hunting and good shooting.