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Virginia Hunter Takes 674-Pound, 9-Foot Black Bear

25-year-old DJ Lacks has landed a potential state record with this giant 674-pound black bear from Lunenburg County, Va.


A potential state record black bear—weighing in at 674 pounds and towering at 9ft.—was taken in Lunenburg County, Va. this past Tuesday. Pictures of the behemoth have already leaked to Facebook, according to CBS 6 News. The bear can be seen in the back of 25-year-old hunter DJ Lacks truck in the parking lot of Duffey's Mini Mart, where a small crowd has gathered all week. It took Lacks an entire day to get the trophy out of the woods, and although he's not too fond of all the publicity he is excited about potentially making the record books.

Click here to see the video from CBS 6 News.

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